Walmley Pages


Launched in 2005, Walmley Pages magazine has grown in size and quality on the back of the incredibly positive response from advertisers; it is already established as THE reference source for anybody living in Walmley, Newhall and Minworth, Sutton Coldfield.


It’s a truly local Sutton Coldfield magazine providing a range of articles of interest to residents. More importantly Walmley Pages acts as a comprehensive guide to businesses and services available in the Walmley (B76) area, it also contains community events, activities, discounts, kid’s pages etc..This ensures that the magazine has a long shelf life and therefore benefitting our advertisers.




Walmley Pages represents incredible value if your target market includes the residents of Walmley, Newhall and Minworth, Sutton Coldfield. You can get coverage for a whole year (12 issues) for less than the cost of one week or two in a Sutton Coldfield Newspaper.



Quality and Longevity


Walmley Pages Magazine has a very high standard of print and production utilizing a thick glossy colour cover and colour gloss art paper inside. All artwork is professionally finished to ensure that you look your best and that your company is proud to be featured and associated with such a high quality publication. It isn't thrown away each week like a local Sutton Coldfield newspaper. People keep it as a reference for the whole month.



Editorial opportunities


Two advertisers each month can be featured in their own two page editorial spread. This gives them a depth of coverage that is normally only available at huge expense in other publications.





The Walmley Pages is published and distributed monthly, on or around the first weekend of the month. The total distribution area is 8000 homes in and around Walmley, Newhall and Minworth - guaranteed.
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